1. What is XPayBack?

XPayBack is an eCommerce Marketplace App. Earn CashBack every time you spend at retail outlet or a web store. Additionally XPayBack also provides exclusive Coupons and discount Deals of eCommerce stores. All you need to do is just visit the retailer’s website through XPayBack and after that you have to shop like you normally do.

2. What is CashBack Point (CBP)?

3. How to earn CashBack Points (CBP)?

4. How many CashBack Points (CBP) can I earn?

5. How to pay using CashBack Points (CBP)?

6. My Balance does not have enough CashBack Points. Can I still use them?

7. Do I have to redeem my CashBack Points in full?

8. Can I cash out CashBack Points into Cash?

9. Are there any fees incurred to use XPayBack?

10. How to change my PIN?

11. Does using XPayBack incur any cost?

12. How do I contact XPayBack Customer Support Team?

13. How much Sign-Up Bonus does one get on registering at XPayBack?

14. What will happen if I create multiple accounts to get this Sign-Up Bonus more than once?

15. How can I earn cashback via XPayBack?

16. From the time I do a transaction, how long does it take to actually get my CashBack?

17. What does Pending CashBack mean?

18. What does Confirmed CashBack mean?

19. Can I visit the retailer directly, and just send you a receipt to get my cashback?

20. Can I use vouchers along with CashBack?

21. Where do I see my CashBack earnings?

22. Is Cashback valid on Cash On Delivery Orders?

23. How do I Refer Friends?

24. How to see the list of people I have referred?

25. What are referral earnings?

26. What is a fake/Invalid referral?

27. What happens if I do a fake referral to earn more cashback?

28. I did a purchase but have not received any cashback for it. What can I do?

29. How long does it take to resolve cashback enquiries?

30. What are the reasons for a cashback to not track or track incorrectly?

31. What happens if my missing cashback ticket is denied?

32. How do I get XPayBack Discount?

33. What catergories does XPayBack provide offers for?

34. Is my choice limited when I am using XPayBack discounts?

35. How do I keep myself updated on the new merchants joining?

36. Do you have a smartphone App?