Are you still relying on traditional marketing of advertisements?

XPayBack is a next generation mobile app for merchants offering unmatchable advantages of creating an efficient, effective endless aisle strategy of retail experiences.

  • Attracting customers nearby your location with location based marketing.
  • Targeted marketing
  • Exposure on XPayBack’s media properties.
  • Promote your brand through deals, promos and coupons, build trust with customers and drive sales.
  • Most affordable cost - Almost like FREE!
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Looking to attract new customers? Use innovation to start or grow your business, with our innovative business advertising.

With XPayBack, local businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, automobile services, restaurants, spas, hotels, service providers, amusement parks, tours, beauty & fitness centers and more can sell their offerings to a highly engaged audience.

No Upfront Costs

Pay us only per customer acquisition. Increasing footfall is a key part of any retail business’s expansion plan and XPayBack is a platform that help local businesses to attract new users with high potential for up and cross-selling.


Attract new customers globally

Put your business on a platform that gets millions of visits per month and adaptable with all credit/debit cards.

Get valuable marketing exposure

Ride on regular promotions, email marketing, social media, brand partnerships and more from XPayBack.

Dedicated partner support

Work with a team of Partner Managers that are always available to help you with processes and optimisation.


No upfront fee or setup costs required, listing is absolutely free! No monthly subscription. No fixed costs. We only take a fair commission when a purchase is made.


No POS terminal, you just need your smartphone.


Save Paper Save Trees, send receipt directly by email.

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Explore how our digital marketing solutions can help you grow.

If you have a business and you are interested in featuring your products or services on XPayBack, please contact us via the form. We are always on the lookout for exciting new products and services to offer our customers.

Boost your marketing

Finally, it is important that potential customers know who you are, and where to find you. In order to achieve this you need to make sure that your marketing efforts are as comprehensive and as targeted as possible.

If the majority of your business is conducted through bricks-and-mortar premises, consider ways that you can target your marketing to the local community. This might be through direct mail, adverts in local papers, or geo-targeted online marketing.

Increasing awareness of your retail business is key to increasing footfall – and yet it is often overlooked by business owners.

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Brand listing

Advertise your brand offering a cashback reward to our members online, on mobile and in-store.

Ad placements

Promote awareness of your brand with onsite, email and mobile ad packages.

Learn more about your customers

In today’s global business economy, technology advances have made the competitive landscape much tougher. Our data management platform allows us to showcase relevant, personalised content to our customers that in turn generates incremental sales for our partners.

Gain an edge on your rivals with in-depth reporting that provides:

Data insights include:

  • Measurement of the uplift in purchases.
  • Average transaction volume.
  • Average transaction frequency.
  • Campaign ROI.

Engage with your customers

Understand your customers wider spend behaviour. Use performance data for campaign planning and offer personalisation. Benchmark your click conversion rates, average basket values and transaction frequency versus your competitors.

Understand what makes your customers tick

Identify and target new customers currently shopping elsewhere. Encourage your customers to spend more and transact more frequently.

Enrich data models

Enhance current customer data with additional data points from our platform including behavioural attributes and contextual information.

White label

Integrate our cashback rewards platform with your business on your terms. Access the full range of products, services and offer content to develop and improve your own loyalty platform.

Partner marketing

Use your existing database to develop new revenue streams and drive higher repeat purchases with co-marketing, cash-out and post-checkout partnerships and our refer-and-earn and buy-and-earn schemes.

Make your customers come back

Returning customers are crucial to a business’s growth. Let’s take a look at a few ways to surprise and delight your customers so they remain loyal.

  • Say Thank You - It’s an obvious one, but it works. Customers like to feel appreciated especially if they just spent money with you. There’s a variety of ways to say thank you. It’s easy if it’s in person at your location: “Thanks so much for your business. Please visit us again soon.” If you have an online store, you can include a thank you note when you fulfill the product, or send a separate “Thank you” email message, and if you can, include a coupon towards their next purchase. Here are a few more ideas on how to show customer appreciation.
  • Get Customer Feedback - Asking for feedback about a customer’s experience or product quality shows that you’re engaged in your business and looking for ways to improve. Customers do have options to share feedback with review sites like Yelp. You should be responding to comments you receive on those sites. However, you should consider sending a satisfaction survey directly to your customers. Not only will you get valuable feedback to help you make improvements to your business, but it keeps your business top of mind with customers.
  • Consistently Communicate - Reach out to your customers on a regular basis. Whether it’s a newsletter, coupon or an event invitation, customers want to hear from you about new products, services, discounts or events.
  • Highlight a Customer Experience - Showcasing one of your customers in your store, in an email newsletter or a re-tweet can garner great engagement Everyone likes a little attention paid to them or their cause. If you’ve got a customer raising funds for a charity, offer to put up a flyer in your window, sponsor their cause, tweet about it or mention it in one of your blog posts. Sending birthday or anniversary wishes is another way to let customers know that you care.