Xpayback is a free cashback rewards and payments app that gives you real cashback for everyday purchases when you shop online,in store, or with a prepaid card.


    Get your XPayBack Prepaid card and shop anytime from anywhere Shop using XPayBack Prepaid Card and earn

    upto 5% cashback

    for all purchases

To Know more about XPayBack Prepaid Card login your XPayBack App

Count On Your Benefits

1. Cash withdrawal or transfer: money can only be transferred within the same banking system
2. Bill payment: can pay via POS machine
3. Buy online with your prepaid

Does it sound too real to be true?

How does it work?
1. Join Us
Open a free account on the Xpayback app/web
2. Apply Your PrepaidCard
Fill your KYC with XpayBack and apply for prepaid card
3. Activate Your Card
Once the prepaid card get in your address, activate through our application and start shopping with it

Mobile App Android/IOS
1. Download the Android app from Android Play Store and IOS App from App Store
2. Register the account / Login if you’ve already account
3. Use Xpay for shopping online, offline Merchant shops and use other services through the App.
4. Load money to your wallet and get a prepaid card for every shopping anywhere anytime