Digital Pay


Earn Instant and Genuine Cashback with XPe

Digital Pay is an innovative payment solution offered by XPayBack, which enables participating merchants to accept payments securely and conveniently through our app. With Digital Pay, merchants can easily receive payments from customers using their XPayBack wallet, while customers enjoy the added benefit of earning cashback on their purchases.

Here's how it works

The Smart Choice for Secure Payments

Scan QR Code

The customer simply scans the merchant's unique QR code using their XPayBack app.

Enter Bill Amount:

The customer enters the amount they need to pay for their purchase.

Pay securely from XPay Wallet

The customer then pays securely using their XPayBack wallet.


Once the payment is processed, the merchant receives the payment directly into their XPayBack account, and the customer earns cashback, which is automatically credited to their XACT wallet.

With Digital Pay, merchants can easily manage their payments and transactions, while customers can enjoy a hassle-free payment experience and earn rewards on their purchases. Additionally, merchants can offer special promotions and discounts to incentivize customers to pay using Digital Pay, which can help increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

At XPayBack, we understand the importance of secure and reliable payment solutions. That's why we use the latest encryption and security technologies to protect our customers' personal and financial information, ensuring a safe and secure payment experience.

If you're a merchant interested in accepting payments through Digital Pay or a customer looking to enjoy the benefits of cashback rewards, sign up for XPayBack today!