Pay at Store


Directly pay merchants using any payment method for hassle-free cashback.

At XPayBack, we understand that not all customers may be comfortable with making digital payments through our app, which is why we offer an alternative payment option called "Pay at Store". With Pay at Store, participating merchants can collect payments directly from customers using any payment method they prefer, including cash, bank transfer, credit/debit card, or any other mode of payment.

Here's how it works

Effortlessly pay with your preferred method

Customer makes payment

The customer makes a payment to the merchant for their purchase using any payment method they are comfortable with.

Merchant Pays Commission

XPayBack receives commission from the merchant, which is then converted into cashback for the customer's account.

Guaranteed cashback credit

Cashback credited based on higher of base or market price, as per allotment rules.


To ensure that customers receive the cashback on their Pay at Store transactions, XPayBack offers multiple tracking methods. One such method is the OTP (One Time Password) method, where the customer is provided with an OTP by the merchant after making the payment. The customer then enters the OTP into their XPayBack app to confirm the transaction and receive their cashback.

Another tracking method is the API (Application Programming Interface) method, where XPayBack integrates with the merchant's billing software or ecommerce platform to automatically track and credit the cashback to the customer's XPayBack wallet without the need for any additional steps.

At XPayBack, we strive to make the payment process as simple and convenient as possible for both merchants and customers, while also ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability. Whether you prefer to make payments digitally through our app or through Pay at Store, you can always count on XPayBack to provide you with the best payment and cashback experience possible.